Casa de Karma was constructed in 2007 as a circular structure with round interior Karmic cylinders and pillars.

All of which were designed to complement the incredible ocean and mountain views throughout the grounds. ​

The home is built from all local materials and is designed for maximum privacy and security. 

Being that it is perched on the cl​iff over looking Km 59 & K 61 World Class Surf breaks and located on over 30 acres of private reserve property, we have ensured that you are at peace in your own private paradise. 

With amenities such as your own beach front pool, private beach access, in house maids, chef, massage therapist, tour/surf g​uide, drivers etc. all on-site,the day is yours to create. 

This private paradise is a mere 40 minute drive from the major airport (Comalapa/San Salvador) and 20 minutes west of La Libertad, where supplies and local culture are abundant. 


Circular Rooms which were designed to maximize views, acoustics and candle light ambiance.

Serene Views = with the Pacific Ocean out front and the Volcanic Mountains Surrounding you, nature will overwhelm your senses.

The staff has been on this property for over four generations.

Jose Antonio (El Padre) knows of a plant that grows on the property that can cure most anything that comes about naturally.

His son Ernesto is the grounds front man due to his athletic ability to climb coconut trees in minutes to his ever attentive eye that see's all that is happening up and down the beach at all times.

Ernesto or Leo as everyone here has a secondary name, is also the local horse expert who runs mountain horseback rides from the neighborhood. 

Ernesto's son Micheal is a typical teenager who likes to surf and play soccer as much as possible.

He also really enjoys showing our guests kids around our tropical playground. 

Maria, the Senora of the Familia  is the ultimate glowing cook, maid, etc. and pretty much runs the show here at Casa de Karma. 

Come Join in the Fun in the Sun, Saludos the Staff... 

Casa de Karma

Paradise by the Ocean and Mountains of El Salvador

Our goal is to ensure that you not only have a great adventure and or surf trip here in El Salvador.

We enjoy engulfing you in our local culture, food, music, our incredible local people who enjoy talking story around a camp fire and cooking up some fresh lobster and oysters. 


our staff